Are you a fan of Clash Royale?, But at the same time do you like to try some other alternatives, which are similar to Clash Royale? We will help you with the list of games, which are similar to Clash Royale and also needs some opponent online to play with and defeat. The collection which is mentioned below are very much compatible with Android phones and can be easily downloaded and played.

Such games like Clash Royale are very different, good and unique and thus it is difficult to find similar games like it. It is considered one of the most cloned games from google play store. But then most of the time, they are executed in a poor manner or does not work as we expect it. But nothing to worry, there are many other similar games from very big publishers like Gameloft, which is almost similar experiences and considered as the best alternatives for Clash Royale. The main advantages of these alternative games are, some of them can be played offline as well.

Would you first like to read the review of Clash Royale before going ahead with the alternatives, to get the real experience of Clash Royale?

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8 Best Games like Clash Royale – You Should Play this 2020

Mighty Battles:

This is another similar game which gives you almost the same experience of Clash Royale and includes some real-time battle with the opponent in dual, which will be online. This game will not show the top-bottom view in the arena, rather it will show just the face-on view The enemies come on coming toward you in a regular time interval, along with some additional enemies which are sent by the opponent player. This game contains weapons like Bombing runs, Rocket launcher, MG Turret and much more. It has many things similar to Clash Royale like battle decks, rewards, clans, quests etc.

Castle Crush:

The arena view of Castle Crush is the sideways and not a top-bottom arena. It is somehow similar to Plant vs Zombies. All the units in this game are placed in three lanes. Unlike Clash Royale, the units Castle Crush in one particular lane, don’t really interact directly with each other. There are castles on side of the layers, but they don’t shoot arrows. Another good thing of this game is it offers daily rewards, and thus makes to unlock the characters which are allowed to be played online with other players in the battle.

Star Wars: Force Arena

In this game, the real-time battle takes place online, and it takes place with the players such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and many more. They even have many battle troops with them. Certain enemies chosen by you can be attacked by controlling the character’s movement in the game, which does not take place Clash Royale. Regarding the battle cards, they can be upgraded in a similar manner like Clash Royale. The main aim of the game is to destroy the enemy or opponent’s shield generator. If you a big fan of star wars and you like them so much along with being the player of Clash Royale, you will surely love the game Star Wars: Force Arena and will enjoy playing it with the characters.

Chaos Battle League:

This game offers an online arena and the real-time 1v1 battles. As you keep on winning the battles, you become eligible for upgrading your battle cards which should be found out through a toaster. Toaster in Chaos Battle League is similar to a chest in Clash Royale which should be unlocked. But there is a way to fasten the unlocking process, just by watching an advertisement to interest casual players. Chaos Battle League is by “This Game Studio” and gives similar experience as Clash Royale.

Tribal Mania:

One of the most famous games is Tribal Mania since it has many similarities like Clash Royale which also includes a similar layout of interface and same battle characters. If you are s much addicted to Clash Royale and wants to have something very similar to it, Tribal Mania is the game that you are looking for, as it has almost everything similar. But exceptions are everywhere and thus be aware of the complains or bad reviews you get regarding worst matchmaking i.e., the matches it makes during the battle with very high-level players who are very powerful and almost impossible to beat them.

Jungle Clash:

The only thing added in this Jungle Clash game which is different from Clash Royale is the military form in it. It offers an army, which is used in PvP real-time battles to be played online. Nevertheless, it is also possible in this game to invite and play with friends and thus can form clans.

Royale Clans – Clash of Wars:

This is another copy of Clash Royale game and has almost everything alike Clash Royale. In fact, it even borrows the half part of the name from the Clash Royale and then named as Royale Clans – Clash of Wars. The similarities between Clash Royale and Royale Clans include Battle Cards and realms. It will be real fun to play this game.

War Heroes:

War Heroes is also PvP real-time battle game. This game includes large varieties of troops and weapons like fighter aircraft, landmines etc. It makes use of battle cards for fighting in the realms. But the rules are same as Clash Royale i.e., it can also make use of only 8 cards at once in the battle. But the upgrade option is available for the troops in order to make it more effective in combat.

Bottom Line!!

The above-mentioned games have, of course, something new in it which is different from Clash Royale, but still, it has more similarities with Clash Royale and provides a similar playing experience. There are many apps available at play store cloned from Clash Royale, but they are flagrant. Thus it gives us the reasons regarding the above-listed games which would be the surely better one since not poorly clone executed. These apps have also got nice reviews and ratings in the app store and thus can be believed upon.

Let us know your experience of the above-listed games. And also correct us or help us to add more games to our list, in case we have missed any. Your comments are awaited 🙂


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