After being a massive fan of supercell clash of clans game, I aggressively look for the similar game and find either any best option is available or not later, as did a deep dive into the same kind of games and searched many similar games with more fun and extra features. Well, it is just a matter of likeness. If you firmly believe in a clash of clans games, then you won’t be able to leave that game. But if you are open to trying another set of skills and other related games. Then maybe you can enjoy it.

I am not saying these are best and beating the clash of clans, but still, for the sake of new, we should try other things also, just like we use mods and private servers in the game.

Today, I wake up and thought to share those list with you, so that you should also try it and let everybody knows whichever game is the best alternative of the clash of clans game. And I am sure you were going to find it worthy. Please have a look.

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10 Best Exciting Games like Clash of Clans

#1 Boom Beach

The game not like a kingdom but on a beach. Says Beachdom. Build and developed by the Clash of Clans developer Supercell. The primary motive inside the game is to build an extended base on a beach and then you need to protect it from your opponents. They might take down your beach or copy your beach base strategy. This game has a lengthy campaign mode which you cannot get in other similar games like clash of clans. There are 100s of enemy bases which you need to destroy and take their resources to increase your power. The boom beach is somewhat nice to try. I must recommend you to try this game if you like playing clash of clans. Available for both Android & iOS devices.

#2: Dawn of Titans – Epic War Strategy Game

First, when I heard the name, I thought it was a similar game when I used to play when I was the child. But then realize, familiar its 21st century and the game must be upgraded now. I enjoyed playing this game but didn’t get the same experience what I used to get in the computer’s one, the age of empire game. But it is another the best alternative to COC. A Freemium game with so many powers and same strategies which we apply in COC game. Train your troops, increase your abilities and defense your building — many more things to do. Available for both Android & iOS.

#3: Clash of Kings

It is another strategy based game which again enables you to play multiplayer online. With the same concept but different approach, the game is rolled out and gain massive popularity. Not exactly like a COC but still, the motive behind the game is the same. If you love playing and applying strategies in real-time, then this game is for you. It’s more like you have to apply the approach in real-time where you need to play against opponents in an online battle. Unlike other COC games, the best thing which I like, you can join our network with other king and team up to power up your skills and then enter the battle. It is more like networking and friendships. Rest the things are similar, upgrade your troops and build up skills and so on. Available for both Android & iOS devices.

#4: Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire

The main motive or you can say the objective of this game is to save your empire from demons. The concept lies the same. Besides every strategy based the or somewhat similar to COC the idea might be related. If we talk about the game, then it is not being in the trends and hit up to 50+ million downloads which shows the popularity of the game. Inside the game, there is a beautiful map and the kingdom which is not realistic but still designed the best. There are pets rather than the humans which you can recruit to the battle. Means now pets can tackle the battle instead of humans and rest things are similar like Clash of clans. Again a Freemium game with lots of in-app purchase options. I am not sure about the iOS, but yes the game works perfectly in the Android devices.

#5: Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires is new in the market with all new graphics and features. It is an action-packed strategy-based RPG game which is somewhat similar to the Clash of clans in terms of troops, resources, and kingdom. With all new maps and graphics, the game is hitting millions of downloads and now getting viral because of its frequent updates. At the same time you can enjoy PvP too, but for that you need to train your troops, upgrade your kingdom and skills. Availbale for Android devices.

#6: Jungle Heat

The game name itself defines the meaning. You need to build your army and an empire in a jungle and create heat to kick out the opponents out of the competition. It is again a strategy based game similar to clash of clans. Identical to the COC, you need to loot the resources from your opponents after defeating them and win the area. It is kind of real win deal which used to happen in the real world. You need to play against your opponents online and then battle with them. Grab their resources and upgrade yours. Available for Android & iOS devices and you can take advantage of your computer while playing the same game via Facebook.

#7: Siegefall

Seigefall is a strategy based kingdom building game developed by the famous game developer, Gameloft. The Gameloft have put so many efforts in the graphics and other parts to bring this game for us. The best thing about this game, it’s graphics. The graphics are extraordinary and provide real gaming experience just like other Gameloft games. The Gameloft masters the game of providing frequent updates. So it creates the urge of being stayed within the game. Rest Siegefall is similar to clash of clans; you have to train your troops, collect resources and the then power up. The combine helps you to attack your opponents. If you need to try something new, then you must try this out. Available for Android devices and iOS devices.

#8: Star Wars: Commander

You must have heard about the name star wars. You must have watched the movie of Starwars. The game is similar to the clash of clans, but the avatars are similar to the Star Wars movie. Feel the Starwars inside you and play the game. If you are a fan of StarWar movie, then you should try this game. StarWars Commander is a freemium game which includes troops, powers, skills, resources, and many more similar things. The different is just avatars & the battleground which you won’t get in the Clash of clans. Available for Android devices.

#9: Total War Battles: Kingdom

The real battle like a Game of Thrones or like a world war. Like a real life thing in which we need to explore natural resources and make use of them to upgrade our empire and kingdom to win the world. This is a similar kind of story. SEGA made the Total War Battles and came out in early 2016. By default, it supports the PVP battle which itself increase curiosity and creates more fun. Unlike other kingdoms games, this one supports cross-platform so that you can enjoy the same game with the same progress on PC as well as phones regarding the graphics, which is comparatively higher than average. Rest things are just like the clash of clans, upgrade the troops, cards, rewards and much more.

#10: Stick War: Legacy

The strategy inside the game is similar to COC, but not exactly. It is an action-packed old school 2D game with few colors. In the very first I thought COC blueprint built on the top of the Stickwar game, then realize no, Supercell itself is a vast and have provided many excellent games to the market. The game is somewhat different then COC if compared to strategies. In this, only one is the real king who controls the whole world. I find it a little confusing. I suggest you should try it yourself and then let me know in the comments on the same. Available for Android.


Let’s show the integrity and share our accurate feedback. I appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestion in the below comment. I’ll be happy to add your name inside the post if I find the value in what you share. Please consider my request and help the world to find the best alternative of the COC. Also provide the suggestion, what else you want in the COC which you didn’t get in COC.

Hope you enjoyed this list. If you find this list exciting and worth, then please share these Top 10 Fascinating Games Like Clash of Clans with your friends. And make them try these games. Either way, you can divide the games and then try it out. Would be waiting for your feedback in the comments below.


Not a nerd but a tech lover. Devoted my college life playing Mini Militia & Clash of Clans. Now as I have in-depth knowledge of both the game. I help user to solve the issue while sharing my tips. Stay tuned and learn how you can win every game in Clash of Clans.

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