You might feel angry when you have to wait for the chests to open and get new cards. But from now you don’t need to worry. Unlike the original clash royale game, the private server will allow you to get all these cards quickly.

You can find the latest updated cards like the Bandit and Rascals, Ghost and Magic Archer, and many more. I also update the list with new servers after testing it manually. So it will save you time. And believe me, I will only add the best out of waste.

This post will cover the clash of royale private servers for Android and iOS. And if you do not want the private server and only need unlimited resources then you can download our clash royale mod apk latest version.

What is Clash Royale Private Servers?

Clash Royale Mod

For those who don’t know about clash royale servers and how does it work then lookout here. Clash of royale servers is one of the master hack enhancing the basic version and improving skills. This is done by modifying the original game file and creating a new game server. But here you do not lose any of your original game resources. You will be able to continue with the same game, even different, with unlimited resources.

CR Private Servers are a customized version of Clash Royale game with unlimited resources like gems and gold.

Unlike the official server developed by Supercell have some predefined rules which you have to follow. Some of them are like gems or coins. You need to buy or wait to unlock cards. In CR private server things are still the same but resources are infinite.

So before I start with more want to ask one question.

Do you love to play Clash of Clans with unlimited everything?

If yes, then this article is all about Clash Royale private servers which will give you all resources unlimited without wasting too many hours practicing the game and collecting the resources. Here you will be getting an opportunity to get all these things in one shot. It is not because of me or anybody. It is just because of you. You found this article with your efforts and you landed correctly.

You might have visited many sites for the same looking for the shortcut but most of them have scammed with fake files. But here I am providing all working and tested app for clash royale private servers.

Today you will be able to download best clash royale private servers 2019 and I’m going to share you the method to download clash royale private server for ios & clash royale private server for android.

Features of Clash Royale Mod Private Server:

I thought before sharing more information, I’d rather share the features, so later you can decide either to download it or not. Some of the exclusive features of CR server is mentioned below.

  • 2v2 & 1v1 Battles.
  • Infinite coins.
  • Unlock cards fast.
  • Immediately open chests.
  • Apply custom modification.
  • Monthly Events.
  • Added New clan wars.
  • Secure servers.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Pre unlocked cards and chests.
  • Enabling battle with other players in the server.

These are the features of the clash royale private server mod. Besides these features, there are few more but I am keeping it secret. I want you to try these servers and share your feedback on the same. Features are common in all servers. The difference is the builder base and the quick access difficulty.

The below-mentioned servers are all best and 100% working.

Note: Those who guarantee to provide clash royale gems generator, then do not believe. They all are fake. There is no such tool which can generate gems directly to your account. Either use the mod version.

There are some pros and cons for the any other the clash of clans royale private servers. No great things come without any cons. But do not worry the cons are easily tolerable.

Now without wasting a dime, let us get started.

How to Get Clash Royale Private Server for Android?

Getting into the server is not a tough job. But to find a perfect server can take your time. Here you do not have to waste it. Because we have already invested our time and here I got the best servers for Android. Just for you and me. I am sharing both types of servers which require rooted device as well work in the non-rooted device too.

Requirements to Install Clash Royale Private Servers in Android:

To install, you need to comply with the minimum Android Device Requirement.

  • Requires 4.0.4 or higher Android version.
  • Free space of more than 100MB.
  • 1GB RAM or more.
  • Active internet connection.
  • A sense of building great builder base.

For Non-Root Device:

#1: The Mod Version

Download the clash royale mod file to unlock possibilities in your non-root device. This does not require any kind of SuperSu permission. But make sure you must be login to your google play account in your game. And later install it. Because the game will overwrite your old game files in your device. And it will help you to increase all your resources almost or say close to infinite.

Here are the ways to install CR mod in your Android device. Follow me.

  • Download the CR mod apk from here.
  • Now, wait till download completes and then open the file.
  • Enable “Unknown Source” installation inside your phone settings.
  • Install the file as a regular app and give the required permissions.
  • Open the game and log in to your Google or Clash Royale account.
  • And continue with your progress.
  • Done 😉

This is the mod will work for both root and non-root devices. You can install this mod in any of your Android devices. You just need version 4.0+ and rest it will work flawlessly.

#2: Royale Hero Server:

Perfect server for those who want to improve their skills plus want to play with end cards. This game unlocks whole new experience with new and exclusive cards, a overwhelm you with unique challenges & battles every day. Every card is by default updated to Max, which will automatically bring more fun and so you can create your best strategy for clash royale.

  • 10,000,000 Gold
  • 1,000,000,000 Gems
  • Max Level

Download Clash Hero Server


Here you can get clash royale private server apk download link of this server mod. The above is the list of given features which you will be getting with this server. Download it now and explore more. I will update the server link, whenever the server is updated with new features. This is clash royale modded server which will give you all unlimited and will work in both rooted as well as in non-rooted phones. Get the file of clash royale private server download from the above button.

#3: Master Royale Private Server

The another best server for clash royale users which is uniquely identified by its features and the speed. This server is new, so I’ve added it to the 3rd in the list. Master royale server is free to use and provide you great gaming experience. The server allows you to battle with new people and so you will be able to create new friends and group. If you are tired of a server going offline several times, then this server is for you. Master royale server (clash royale gratis) is hosted on stable servers throughout the world. Here are some of the features of this server.

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Infinite Gold
  • All cards unlocked
  • New arenas
  • Monthly events and prizes
  • PVP & 2v2

Download Master Royale Server


Most from us worry about the cards the most. Keep your worry aside and download this server. Because whenever new cards are added to the game, it will be available to you and unlocked by default. So you can take a step ahead of deciding what to do next and plan your game by applying your strategy. Shhh! It is a clash royale tricks or cheats codes, do not share. HAHA. Well, no worries you can share, even we like it if you share this article. Soon this server will bring you a clash royale IPA hack. This is the only clash royale private server apk which allows you to grab princess and prince easily.

For Rooted Devices:

Rooted device user enjoys added benefits but it comes with a damage cost of the Android OS. But who are expert knows how to tackle it, So, if you are unaware of root and rooting then please do not try rooting your device just because of the game. Here I am going to share you the extremely wonderful mod which rooted user can take benefit. Here we go:

#1: Clash Royale Private Server Switcher:

It is a features packed version of CR which eliminates all your headache and keep your burden free from all the shits we have to do for downloading a specific mod for an individual feature. Didn’t got me yet? Do now worry. Let me explain to you a little bit more. Using a CR switcher you can select any mod or any server in which you want to play. You do not need to download every other server to experience it. Just download this switcher once and keep updating it later. Open the switcher and select server. That’s all you want to do.

Download Server Switcher


You might be thinking, what the hack, how does it work? 

Basically, the switcher modifies the original file and connect you to the mainstream of the server and when every time you open the game you will be connected to that server. To change the server you need to again select another server from the switcher and then the process continues. Later, if you wish to revert back to the original game then again open the switcher and select revert mod. That’s it. You won’t lose any of your game data nor any resources. Besides that, you will get more. Other than that there is no hack. All magic revolves around your device root status.

Now stepping ahead to our next and the last server.

#2: FHX Clash Royale Server 2021:

The FHX servers are almost being popular for clash of clans & Clash Royale from over 2 years. But in between, it stopped working. The server is back again with new features and advanced technique. They are trying to build intelligence in the game which will help you are to secure your battle from your enemies without even touching your phone. For that, they are in the testing phase. Let us talk about what we will be getting now inside the clash royale FHX server.

FHX is the most trusted server until now. It creates another file without touching the original file. Some user gave the feedback that you should be log in the main server to get free resources in the original game. To run the FHX server you need root permission, so allow it and then install the file.

Download FHX Server


The same server is available in the Switcher, you can download the clash royale server switcher if you want to test this server. Either if you are a fan of FHX, then download it individually. So you could test, what works the best. Enjoy.

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Clash Royale Private Servers for iOS:

You might get overwhelmed by searching private server for clash royale for ios, but failed because of fake websites popping out without any working solution. Taking that concern in mind we have put extra effort to address this problem and resolve this as soon as a problem. The main reason I started this website. While I won’t be able to give a guarantee for the same. As some user has reported that the mod is not working for them and some of them are freaking enjoying it without any issue. So all depends on your luck now. But still, you should try it.

So here we will be using XMod for iOS. You already might know about it. Using XMod, I am sure it will gonna work in your iPhone or any other iOS device. Sorry to say but the iPhone users are limited with tricks and hacks. So I only have one option for you which also need your iOS to be a jailbreak. But you can use your computer to install it on without jailbreak phones using the .deb file. Here are the steps you should follow to install the CR in your iOS:

  • Install the Cydia in your iOS device.
  • Open the Cydia and go to sources.
  • Tap on Edit button.
  • Then enter
  • And click on ‘Add Source’.
  • Now inside it, search for the XModGames and install it.
  • Search for the Clash Royale & download the IPA file using XMODGames.
  • Install it and start playing.

That’s all you want to do. If you find the mod does not work for you then try it in your friend’s phone. If still there is any problem, please share it in the comments below. I’ll surely help you. You can even do the same steps for clash of clans for iOS.

Final Thoughts!!

Guys hope you enjoy playing with the private servers. As per my experience, I really had fun playing with rare but most powerful cards. The battle was insane. For that, you should reach to the legendary level. As you already getting some of the awesome cards available when you join the server, but still you need to battle hard.

So regarding the update, you could be getting the frequent updates for the private server and mod file as the clash royale game from supercell updates. And if you have questions and looking for the answers then you should check the FAQ section below. I hope you will enjoy playing with best Clash Royale Private Servers. If you like it then please share and leave your feedback in the comments below. Please take 1 minute from your hard time to motivate me.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. Do I need to complete the survey or any sort of verification to download the server?

No, we don’t believe in that shit. If you find any such thing, then itself understand its a fake and they won’t going to provide you anything. They just bragging and do not provide anything and earn money by utilizing your resources and information.

Question 2. How to hack clash royale private server 2020?

You do not need to do any extra process. All the servers are moded with unlimited resources so does not require any others hacks to apply. So just download your desired mod and start playing right away.

Question 3. How to join & Use clash royale private server?

Using the server is not a problem, you only need to download the file from above and install as the same as you install any app in your android device. To join the server, you will understand it automatically after you open the game. There is no special room for every specific server, the version which you will download is highly modified according to the server and it’s players. In short, you only have to download and play, simple.

Question 4. How to install clash royale private server for pc?

There is no direct way to install the mod or game in PC. You need to install Android emulator in your PC in order to play the mod in your computer. To do so, download the bluestacks Android emulator plus download the CR mod or server from the above. Now install the emulator in your pc and then drag and drop the mod file to the emulator. Rest installation is the same as an Android device.


Not a nerd but a tech lover. Devoted my college life playing Mini Militia & Clash of Clans. Now as I have in-depth knowledge of both the game. I help user to solve the issue while sharing my tips. Stay tuned and learn how you can win every game in Clash of Clans.

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