Gaming is one of the best sources of entertainment nowadays. Every different person has a different choice of games. Some people like racing games many are interested in action and mysterious is also very popular. Millions of game and even billions of players are there in the world. Many games are there which are popular worldwide. Like the PUBG, Need for Speed, Clash Royale etc.

Many times the problem arises that in many amazing games you need to unlock something for moving to the next level. And to get many more features in your game too. Of course, those features enhance your gaming experience and even increase your interest in the games.

In the same way, the Legendary Cards works in the clash royale. After all the legendary card is the rarest card in the clash royale. I mean who wouldn’t like the princess who has the great power and ability to shoot from half-way across all over the map, or even the bandit who has the ability of this invulnerable dash. But these are not at all easy to get these troops for free. Gaming is nowadays a trend for everyone.

Billions of people play game and friends even compares their level of games with one another. And at that time, everyone wants to be on the top level of the particular game in their peer group. Same happens in clash royale, everyone wants to get the legendary card as well. And today in this article, I am going to tell you about both the methods through which you could get the legendary cards in Clash Royale.

Basically, 2 methods are there, one is the paid one and the other is the free one. So, let’s take an overview of both the methods. And then, you could select the most appropriate one for you.

Easy Method to Get Legendary Cards In Clash Royale

Method 1: Getting Legendary cards for free

Well, free is the word which is most attractive, and when you can get the legendary card for free then what is the need to spend money? So, let’s see how we could get the legendary cards in clash royale for free.

1: The Trophies Monster:

So, the first step is to get to the arena 10, Hog mountain. You need 3000 trophies to unlock it. And when you reach it, you could buy the legendary from the shop for 40,000 gold itself. Well, I know that this is quite a lot but what you are getting is even more than that and everyone knows that it is really very important.

2: Active Clan League:

The other thing you could do is to join the active clan. The leaders and the co-leaders of the particular clan can start the clan wars, and all those players can participate in it who is 8 level and above. And then, you get the chance to battle 3 times on the collection day. Then you have to use your own cards to get the clan card. Later those clan cards could be used to build the war deck for war day.

You get one battle to fight on the war day. Out of all the 5 clans, the clan with the maximum war days victory are termed as the winners of the war. And the top two teams means the 1st and the 2nd coming team gets the clan trophies which helps them to progress through the clan league. You’ll get the war chest at the end of the war season. That war chest will be based on your clan league as well as the highest-ranked war in which you have participated in.

But do keep in mind, that you must have at least 10 participants to start the war. And the main motive of the war season is that if you reach the legendary 1st league. You are surely going to get the legendary card in your war chest.

3. Keep Rolling the Battle:

Another method to earn free legendary cards in clash royale is that you must keep battling. After every battle, you get the chest, and each chest you get is the part of the chest cycle. And total of 240 chests in every cycle are there. And in every 2 cycles, you could get a chance to win the legendary chest. So, if I assume that you are never losing, then you could get the legendary chest in every 480 battles.

You could also play 2 versus 2 matches, and through it, you could win the chest without even having the fear of losing the trophies. And if taking my advice then it’s better to play a 2 versus 2 match with your friends and not getting the match by pressing the quick match button. As those who play quick matches are generally unskilled and trolled. And they many times leave the battles in between, which could even spoil your fun.

4. Complete your quest:

The quests are located in the bar which is just the next one to your crown chest. Each quest on the completion provides you with a number of points. And on getting enough of points, you could unlock another chest. If you want you could also skip a quest in every 24 hours. So, if you find any quest impossible for you to complete. Then now you know what you have to do. And there is no opening time even. And the best part is that the extra point which you will earn will be carry forward to the next quest.

5. Compete in grand challenges:

You could also compete in the grand challenges, but it has a condition, that you must be at the 8th level to compete in grand challenges. And if you are skilful enough to compete with others and to secure at least 12 wins, then it is surely going to help you to get a very good chance of getting a legendary card and also 22,000 gold for you. But let me tell you that, in these challenges, you are going to face the expert players.

Some of which are going to be the players on the top with even 6,000 trophies and more. So, you have to be incredibly amazing to compete with them and to win even. And let me tell you that you have to invest some gems to get it. As the grand challenge will cost you a 100 gems and the classic challenge is going to cost you 10 gems for joining the challenge. And you could also win the significant amount of gold through the actual chest.

6. Getting lucky with other cards:

Well, you could even try to get lucky with the help of other cards even. Other cards like the gold, silver, crown, and the clan chest etc still have the possibility to get the legendary however they are the small cards. So, never give up the hopes just keep on playing, god knows maybe someday you could even get the electro wizard out.

Method 2: The Paid Method

In this method, you could get the legendary card by paying real cash. So, let’s take a look at the method through which you could get these cards by paying the real cash.

1. Buy legendary king chest from the shop:

So, the first step is that you must purchase the gems in the game, and after that, use them to buy the legendary card. And let me tell you that, It is unlocked at the arena 7. And you are going t have a full chance of pulling the main card that is the legendary card and some other cards too. So, in it, you have a choice so you can choose your legendary card like a draft chest. And there you will see a card on the right side, and the other one on the left side. And you could easily choose whichever card you want to choose.

Let me also tell you that, you can not buy the Super medical chest from the shop. As accordingly specified in the latest updates

2. Buy other chests:

The other thing you could do is to buy any other chest for the support. And one of the chests is the lightning chest. It helps you to get the strike card, and you can exchange it for something else. And the method is followed as the common cards are exchanged with the common ones. And the most rear is exchanged with the most rear ones and so on.

In this way, you get five strikes, and that help you to get a chance to choose the legendary card if the same comes out of your chest. And if you want a king card, then they are unlocked for you at the arena 1-6, but let me tell you they are very less legendary in terms of powers. And you could also go for the fortune chest. All of these cards have a chance to get you to the legendary cards. And the best part is that if you are purchasing them from the shop. You could purchase it irrespective of any level you are it. They have no opening time for purchasing from the shop.

3. Wait for the legendary card to appear on the shop:

This is the safest as well as the easiest method of getting the legendary chest. It will cost you 500 gems to get the card but the best part is that you are guaranteed to get the legendary card. This method is most popular because of its risk-free nature as you have 1000% chances of getting the legendary card for sure. And if you could save up enough gems in the game as well then you didn’t even have to pay any amount to get the gems or to get the legendary chest.

This is the best method when you already have a few legendary cards. As no card will be repeated in this method for sure. So, your hard work is surely going to pay you off. But let me tell you that the players who have great skills and are playing at a very higher level use the gems to play the challenges. As the challenges have better value if you have higher levels of winning but generally with less skilled peoples it is very difficult and getting a legendary chest becomes a little easy for them.

Final Few Words About How To Get Legendary Cards In Clash Royale

So, these are some of the methods which you could use to get the legendary cards in clash royale. And it is better that you must not buy the cards rather you must play for it and win it. It keeps the fun on and also maintains your interest in the game. You could even buy it if you want. As many people have the urge to move further and further in the game. And let me tell you that buying it will not generally let you lose the interest from the game even.

As the game is some much interesting and has lots of different things and that helps you to keep your interest in the game. You are surely going to enjoy the game even with or without the legendary card. But with both of these above methods, the paid as well as the free one will surely going to help you to get the legendary card even. And with these amazing methods, you are surely going to enjoy this game to a better extent.

Well, playing games it the best source of entertainment and great pass time. So, I hope, now you could enjoy an interrupted and endless gaming experience.

I hope, you find this article beneficial and will try this method to get the legendary cards in clash royale game. And if you have any kind of doubt or something, you could ask it through the comment section. So, now you could enjoy your gaming even more.


Not a nerd but a tech lover. Devoted my college life playing Mini Militia & Clash of Clans. Now as I have in-depth knowledge of both the game. I help user to solve the issue while sharing my tips. Stay tuned and learn how you can win every game in Clash of Clans.

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