Clash of souls is yet another but best private server of the clash of clans hack. It is not a standalone game. The clash of souls private servers comes with a more friendly solution and game play than another server. All the servers have their own uniqueness. But still, in terms of stability, the clash of souls coc server beats them all.

Today here, I am going to share all the private servers of the clash of souls including there tricks, hacks and mods. I’ll be listing all the four servers and share you the download link. Will list down features too attached below to the server title. If you are looking for the clash of souls hacked version and didn’t find anywhere the working servers then this is the right place. Because I too face the same issue while searching the coc mods and then find sites are filled with fake surveys and no download link. So thought to open my own website and only share the working mods and servers.

Before I proceed. I’d love to give you a bit of advice. Do not jump directly to the download section. Look out other information too and check the features too. Understand the game details and then download it. Usually, people directly jump to download and didn’t find what they are looking or they don’t know how to install this server. Here, I request to read the details and then download. If you are an expert then you may skip the rest and download the file.

Look at the clash of souls overview and then features. All waiting for you right below.

What is Clash our Souls Private Server?

Clash of souls is a private server of the clash of clans game by Supercell. This server is known by two names, first is Clash of souls and another name of this version is Dark Souls Clash Server. Do not get confused while searching for the mod. The benefits of the private server, you will get unlimited resources without any restriction. That’s why the clash of clans soul private server searches is high. There are millions of users who are playing with this server and many more are going to play. Resources such as unlimited Gold, Gems, Elixir, Dark Elixir etc are freely available to you. Use it anywhere any build awesome builder base which no one has ever created.

Basically, it is a robust server built with modularity at the core with a vast range of mods with unlimited resources and in-game commands.

Clash of Souls Server Features:

  • Gems are Unlimited
  • Gold is Unlimited
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • Dark Elixir Infinite
  • No limit on troops
  • Secure, Fast & Stable server
  • Building Time takes 0 Sec
  • Easily apply Modification & Customization
  • Air sweeper unlocked & enabled

Here are the features of Clash of souls mod apk, if you are convinced and want to try then this is the right time. Before you download, I want to clear one thing, the game consists of 4 sub-servers. I will list them all below.

Download Clash of Souls Private Server New Version 2020:

As I’ve mentioned, the game consists of four different servers with unique specialties in each. The server has lot many things but you need to try it. I won’t be able to share all the information here. Rest about the game, you are already aware of working of the clash of clans game, it works the same way. Here are 4 sub-servers of the game.

Server 1: The Soul Eater

This server (s1) is a modified version of the original game. Which includes resources without any limit, commands, custom troops and buildings. This is an exclusive server with millions of downloads. I suggest you try this server. You will find many more new features inside it. Download this server from the below button.

Download S1

Server 2: The Heart of Soul

This server (s2) have some buying limits on the resources. You won’t get all resources unlimited. This server is completely unique from the server 1 and works independently from the first one. You can download this server from the below button.

Download S2

Server 3: The Velocity of Soul

This server (s3) doesn’t include any add-ons & commands. You have to play purely with your soul. This server is built for pro players who want to try new things without any need for resources. Download this server from below button.

Download S3

Server 4: The Vengeance of Soul

Another great clash of souls hack version which includes unlimited resources, commands, custom troops and buildings and much more. The server (s4) provides all resources unlimited including cards, gold, and much more. Download the clash of souls s4 from below button.

Download S4

All the server are different from each other and have different qualities. You can download any of the above servers and start playing it right away. I am sure you gonna find it amazing. Because these servers are built especially for you. I’ve added download link of all the server above. Click on the download button individually below any of your desired server and start downloading it.

Note: You do not need to root your phone. It is a non-root version server which will work in every Android device. Sorry to say but the clash of souls iOS version is not available.

The installation guide I will share below. Please follow the guide in order to keep everything under control and working. If you are smart enough then you may directly proceed by your self.

Pro Hack: Clash of clans souls game comes with one super duper tool through which you do not need to worry of frequent game updates. Check out the tool below.

Clash of Souls Utility tool

This Private Server comes with handy utility tool which offers a clean and user-friendly gaming environment which enables auto-downloading of the latest server whenever the official game upgrades.

How to Install Clash of Souls Servers?

Installing the server does not require any special skills as I told earlier, but requires guidelines which need to be considered, the process is same as you install other Android apps. But still, you must have a look at installation guide to make sure everything works smoothly. Please follow the steps below, and if you are an old user then you can skip this part.

  1. Firstly download any of the servers from the above list on your mobile phone.
  2. Now enable “Unknown source” installation, inside your phone security settings. If already enabled, then skip.
  3. Install the app, same as you install another android app.
  4. Open the app and log in to via Google account.
  5. It might take a few seconds to load all the resources.
  6. Done! Enjoy the game.

Requirements to Install Clash of Souls Server APK:

To install the server, you need to comply with this minimum android device requirement.

  • Requires 4.0.4+ android OS version
  • 1GB RAM or more.
  • Active internet connection.
  • Free space of more than 100MB.
  • A sense of building great builder base.

Permissions Required:

  • Media Access.
  • Location Access.
  • View Wi-Fi connections status.
  • Permission to access Device ID and Call information.
  • Read phone battery and another status with identity.

Final Thought!!

Hope you guys enjoy. I am continuously trying to put my efforts and energy to deliver the best and working things. In case you if you find any of them not working then please don’t blame me, rather comment below and I will try to resolve your issues as early as possible. Please consider me as your friend and help me to spread this website. And if you like this clash of souls private server post then please share it with your friends and your social channels. If you have any questions in mind then lookout the below FAQ section and still if you didn’t get your question covered then I’d love to know your doubts in below comments.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. How to install clash of souls on pc?

You can install clash of souls for PC using an Android emulator. If you are looking for any direct method, then you might get failed. Because no such version is built for PC. But using some tweak you can install it. To install it, download the bluestacks Android emulator plus download your favourite server from the above. Now install the emulator in your pc and then drag and drop the mod file to the emulator. Rest installation is the same as an Android device.

Question 2. When will we get clash of souls update?

To get the latest update, the clash souls team have added utility tool inside the server. So by default, if any update comes, you will get notified directly. If not, then visit this page and you will get the latest version of clash souls private servers. Till now download & play from the above versions of the clash of souls apk.


Not a nerd but a tech lover. Devoted my college life playing Mini Militia & Clash of Clans. Now as I have in-depth knowledge of both the game. I help user to solve the issue while sharing my tips. Stay tuned and learn how you can win every game in Clash of Clans.

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