Clash of Null: Are you looking for a clash of null? Well, then you are lucky that you land here. Almost every website was just sharing shitty stuff. But do not worry here I am with the working one before I move on to see what happen when I was exploring the COC null apk app.

While seeking for the best, we got another best private server for clash of clans, which is the clash of null. Last night I was exploring some new servers for COC in the clash community, and then after reading, I heard the name Clash of null, later after few minutes of reading just thought to give it a try. And guess what?

It is AMAZING! Mind Blowing.

Yes! It works like a charm, and without giving a second thought, I decided to share it with your buddy. But please don’t be in a rush this time. I need appreciation at least one valuable feedback in the comment and a share on your social channels. This could motivate me to share more new stuff.

So, before I move on to download part, I’d like to throw some light on the COC null and want to share what exactly is the Clash of Null game.

What is Clash of Null?

Clash of Null is another best private server of a clash of clans game. It is built with a new concept and with an updated version of the game. The private server in COC helps you get all resources unlimited for free without any efforts other than downloading the mod file.

So the main difference here is, the original game hosted on supercell server provide you limited abilities with the added cost to upgrade, but when we compare the same with the private server, they are hosted on 3rd party servers with unlimited resources without any additional charge added to it. Here unlimited resources mean, gems, coins, gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Rest all things, and playing are same and with continued fun which you get in the original game. If you have ever tried any other private server, then you might have known all the functionalities of the private server.

No worries, I’d say give it a try and explore it more by helping yourself. It will keep you updated and gives you more understanding of the game and what’s working behind it.

Okay! One short glimpse of CO null apk 2020 — Using Clash of Null private server, you will get access to the complete map at the time of war. Using it, you can hassle free navigate anywhere on the map without any sort of restrictions. Ultimately you can move over maps and can attack anywhere. This would help you win every game. Be alert, your opponents will see you with anger because of your winnings :p.

Ahhhh! Here comes the main thing which helps you decide either to download it or not.

Features of Clash of Null Hack:

Before any selection, humans need verification or social proof. And yes! I agree on the same. So that’s why I have collected the list of features which help me convince you to give it a try. Sound like a salesperson, but here I am giving it for free. Here you go.

  • Fast, secure & reliable server.
  • Server with High security and high availability.
  • It supports 2v2 Friendly Battle.
  • Draft in 2v2 is also available.
  • Play in 2v2 Battle mood.
  • Challenges Ramp-Up available.
  • Challenges Triple Elixir is available.
  • Declare & play unofficial Challenges.
  • Free unlimited CHEST.
  • Unlimited gems for free.
  • New Cards frequently updated.
  • Clan wars are Available
  • Ability to add Custom Commands.
  • You can create your clan or join others.
  • Building Time is 0 Sec
  • You will get Gold 100000000, close to unlimited.
  • Elixir and Dark Elixir is also 100000000.
  • You will get unlimited Troops.

Huh! I got tired writing these all features. I think these many are more than enough to lead the clan’s trophy. You will be getting all these features in a single mod game. Don’t be in a rush, I am going to share the file below. Yes, just below. No more discussion and explanations. Just get it right away, and to know more hacks, read this post till the end.

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Download & Install Clash of Null APK:

I believe in sharing apps which does not need the root device and which can be played in any Android device. But in some cases, there is no option left. Don’t worry this app supports non-root phones too. So are you ready to download and get all resources unlimited for free? If yes then look out below.

  1. In the very first, download the latest version of clash of null apk from the below download button.
  2. Now until it gets downloaded in your device, you need to enable installation from “unknown sources” inside phone security settings.
  3. Now after you finish with the downloading part. Uninstall any old version of CO null.
  4. Install the game and give it all permissions. If you feel insecure, then look out all the permissions to install this game below.
  5. Open the game and give it a few seconds to start and load for you.
  6. Log in with another google id. To keep everything safe and working.
  7. Yeah! Now you will get all the things which I mentioned in the features above.
  8. Enjoy playing and exploring the clash of clans with intense gaming mode.
  9. You are done;-).

Download Now

These are few steps which you have to follow to install the clash null game. Do it correctly and if you find any problem them ask me in the below comments. I’ll surely help.

As you might have seen that I’ve mentioned this game supports commands too. I will be sharing all the commands below in this post. With the help of commands, you can optimize your game efficiency.

Here are the commands which you can use while playing the game.

Clash of Null Commands:

/cct – remove all units and spells
/m <tag> <message> – send private message to player
/stats – get server statistics
/vk – know VKID of your account
/clean – reset your base
/asp – attack yourself and destroy
/max – add more gold & Elixir
/full – upgrade all buildings to max level
/hero <name> <lvl>- set to hero level

These are some of the hacks of coc null which you can use while playing the game and get more out of it. Here below I’ll be covering more about this private server. If you want to know more about it, then look out below.

Important Information You Should Know!

Clash of Clans Town Hall Update:

Using this server, you won’t be able to train troops in builder base. Instead, you will get one private town hall through which you can train troops.

Clash of Null’s Builder Base MOD Update:

There is another good news, as this mod can build builder base in zero time, so you can build your village and add other clans on it and set a war against them. Another best thing, you will get night mode through which you can play war against new troops.

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Bottom Line!

Here I have shared all the information related to the clash of null apk private server latest version. In case if something I have missed, then please share in comments below. If you like the mod, then please share it with your friends and appreciate it. Thanks for your time. Do not forget to give feedback in the below comments. Happy Gaming :D.


Not a nerd but a tech lover. Devoted my college life playing Mini Militia & Clash of Clans. Now as I have in-depth knowledge of both the game. I help user to solve the issue while sharing my tips. Stay tuned and learn how you can win every game in Clash of Clans.

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