As you know that the Clash of Clans game is a top-rated game among all age groups. A game where you can build your town, collect elixir, gold, clan and participate in clan wars and many unexpected events are also there for you. But what you do for upgrading your base or to collect the elixir or gold enough to upgrade or create an army? Well, it takes lots of time from your side in order to do so. It is quite frustrating to see that a lot of time is required in order to collect gems, gold, elixir, and thus a lot of time to upgrade your base or army.

But now you don’t have to worry, because now we bring you the coolest and the fastest private server: The Clash of Bugs Classic Modded Apk. This modded private server is available for download, which is 100% free to download and play. Let’s begin talking about this mod of Clash of Clans known as Clash of Bugs.

Clash of Bugs modded server is free to download and play private server which is solely created for your convenience to play Clash of Clans game differently. Clash of Bugs allows you to play Clash of Clans with the powerful performance boost and giving you unlimited resources which are gold, elixir, and gems.

As Clash of Bugs is based on a new update which is Christmas update, it gives you the power to update troops, walls, defense buildings, and also the town hall very fast with 0 waiting time. As a result, you can now attack enemy bases for just fun, and you can also carry troops which are more in number as compared to the Clash of Clans original game. Also, unlimited spells for you is the icing on the cake. So, What are you waiting for? Install Clash of Bugs modded private server right away, sit back, and enjoy the game.

Features of Clash of Bugs APK

  • Unlimited Resources (Unlimited Gold, Elixir, etc.)
  • Zero building time (Create troops, building in zero waiting time)
  • Works without Root (Enjoy Clash of Bugs in phones which are not rooted yet, also)
  • No Rules, No Regulations (Clash of Bugs works without any rules or regulations)
  • Matching Clan Wars and 1vs1 (Attack on other players’ bases without any problem)
  • 1 Second Time to build (Build any building or upgrade in just 1 second)

What’s New in Clash of Bugs?

Clash of Bugs works without root access on your phone. It means you don’t need to root your phone if you want to play Clash of Bugs. Therefore, you don’t need unnecessary permissions to run the game. As you all know, rooting voids warranty of your phone and also makes your phone vulnerable to several unknown threats. Also, your personal data is at stake when you root your phone. So download Clash of Bugs APK right away and enjoy the game.

You also get unlimited resources with Clash of Bugs APK. You get 999999 in each that is gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems, so you are free to spend these resources anytime on anything. Like you can use it on getting defense buildings, laboratories, walls or troops, etc. Also, you now have 500 space for troops, which is you get more troops for your account.

More troops mean a more powerful army of troops in your Clash of Bugs. So now no frustration of waiting and waiting for collecting resources for upgrading. With zero building time, you need not worry about the time taken to build or to upgrade your base or laboratories, or defense buildings. With Clash of Bugs APK, you can build any building in just 1 second.

Cool, right?

Definitely, because in the original Clash of Clans, when you are at higher town hall level, it takes weeks for buildings to upgrade, and that is very frustrating for us. Moreover, when the building is upgrading, we are not allowed to use them for defense purposes, which is even more frustrating for us. Enjoy your Clash of Bugs with no such waiting.

Clan Wars and matching 1v1 is included in Clash of Bugs game. As of today, many of the Clash of Clans private servers don’t offer the feature of clan wars and 1v1 matching, but it is a feature every private server must-have. I mean, what’s the use of that large army base and defense buildings when we can’t attack other players. We all enjoy attacking and looting enemy bases, and it is the real fun in Clash of Clans, but this feature is not provided in most of the Clash of Clans private servers. But in this Clash of Bugs, every player can attack other enemy bases, and also they can also participate in clan wars. Therefore, you get the original Clash of Clans gameplay experience along with unlimited resources.

Download Clash of Bugs APK

NameClash of Bugs APK
CategoryPrivate Server
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.1+
Last Updated5th August 2019

Download Now

How to Install COC Bugs Game?

Clash of Bugs installation process is straightforward and very quick.

  1. Download Clash of Bugs APK from the link provided above.
  2. Enable installation from the “Unknown Source” inside phone settings.
  3. After downloading, go to Internal Storage of your phone via a file manager
  4. Go to Download folder, where you have downloaded your Clash of Bugs APK
  5. Go to the Clash of Bugs APK file and tap on Install.
  6. Wait till the application is installed. It takes less than a minute to install the apk.
  7. After some time, installation is completed.
  8. After finishing the installation, close all recent apps on your phone and start the game.
  9. Enter any username on the application interface after that the game will start
  10. That’s it. Enjoy your Unlimited Resource, Zero Waiting time game Clash of Bugs.

Final Words!

This Clash of Bugs APK gives you everything free and unlimited. It is safe, reliable, and has 100% uptime. Your search for the best Clash of clans private server ends here now. This is the best option for a Clash of Clans private server which is called Clash of Bugs. Wait no more, head to the download link provided above and download this game right away.


Not a nerd but a tech lover. Devoted my college life playing Mini Militia & Clash of Clans. Now as I have in-depth knowledge of both the game. I help user to solve the issue while sharing my tips. Stay tuned and learn how you can win every game in Clash of Clans.

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